How to throw a Flamingo Themed Party or Party Ideas

Throw a Flamingo Fête No One Will Forget

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The most memorable parties are often themed, whether it's "Disco Fever" or "Under the Sea". Another popular party trend is connecting your party theme to a dish or beverage you are serving. Think "Koolaid Kolour" or "Pad Thai Pardy". This summer, throw a Flamingo themed party featuring crisp and delightful Flamingo Sparkling Moscato -- the perfect refreshment for summer afternoons and evenings. Be creative. Here are three Flamingo party ideas that combine a little clever and a little kitsch.

Flamingo Fantasy

At its heart, this is a colour themed party, which is pretty easy to set up. Most party supply stores will sell napkins, cutlery, and decorations in a variety of colours. If you can't find an exact "flamingo pink", go for a light, pastel pink. You can either make your decor monochrome or combine a variety of different shades of pink. Plastic pink flamingos are appropriate, of course, but if they are beyond your acceptable level of garishness, opt for flamingo art, or blow up tasteful photographs of the fascinating birds.

Serve a pink cake. Showcase pink floral arrangements. What makes the colour play all the more cunning is that Flamingo Sparkling Moscato is a soft, watermelon pink. Your friends will agree that it is the prettiest party they will attend this summer!

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Pink Flamingo 60s Extravaganza

For this party, you will absolutely need those gaudy flamingo lawn decorations, because you and your guests will be time travelling to the world of tacky 60s Americana. That's right. Haul out the lava lamps, Warholian pop art, and shag carpeting. 

The 1960s were an era during which low brow and mass culture were embraced and elevated. Give your guests a throwback to their childhood (or their parents') by lining up Campbell's tomato soup cans along the mantle or window sills. Cover your tables with paisley and/or tie-dye cloth. Crank up those 60s tunes. This may be the one time you want to mismatch!

Encourage (or make it mandatory - up to you) your guests to scour their closets or secondhand stores by making it a costume party. There are so many options in terms of fashion: mod, hippie, shift dresses, babydoll dresses, capri pants, chunky cardigans, hip huggers, flared pants, wide lapels, and plaid, for instance. Party stores will also have wigs that fit the era.

Indulge in fondue, Julia Child recipes, and gelatinous salads, and refresh the palate with effervescent Flamingo Sparkling Moscato.  

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Flamingo Fiesta

Four out of the six species of flamingo are found in Central and South America, so why not turn your party into a cultural experience with a touch of flamingo flare? You may want to keep the geographic scope wide, both because flamingos live all over the continent, but also to keep your options open in terms of food and decor inspiration. The idea is to celebrate the general area in which flamingos inhabit, not to make it about a particular country.

Since Central and South American textiles are so colourful, you may want to display a few pieces of textile art as a focal point -- for example, use a handwoven blanket to cover the main table, rather than visually overload your guests. Print out pictures of Central and/or South American landscape and maybe a famous landmark or two, or showcase flamingos and other gorgeous birds of that area on your walls.

Where you can really shine as a host or hostess is if you make this a gourmet experience. If you know how to prepare authentic Central/South American dishes, show off your culinary skills. Otherwise, find recipes for recognisable delights such as ceviche, empanadas, chimichurri flank steak (or chicken), and of course, dulce de leche desserts. If you want to take it up a notch, indulge your inner sommelier. Serve Flamingo Sparkling Moscato during the mingling stages and when it comes time to eat, impress your guests with complimentary food and wine pairings

Tango and salsa music are great to play in the background -- and if you're somewhere with enough room, you know you're going to have to dance the night away.

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