Flop on a Flamingo!

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There are two things that everyone needs to get through an Australian Summer; your best friends, great wines, your cossie (slang for "swimming costume" - for our international readers), and a great towel.

While we don't plan on getting into the swimwear business just yet, we stock plenty of fantastic, Australian wines! As for friends; they're bound to come running when you open a bottle of Flamingo Sparkling Moscato. So that covers you for everything - except the towel. So we're selling a limited release of fluffy, Flamingo Sparkling Moscato round towels!

Round beach towels are this Summer's hottest accessory. Not only do they look amazing amongst a sea of standard, rectangular towels; but they also let you completely spread out on the beach, at just about any angle you could want - without hogging too much sand for yourself.

Our towels are incredibly comfy for one person, and big enough for two - as long as those people don't mind getting close.

However, for those of you who aren't close enough to the stunning oceans, lakes, rivers and even pools of Australia; then here are a few uses for our round towels that you may not have considered!


Park Your Picnic

There are very few pairings more perfect, than a picturesque picnic with a glass of your favourite wine - sitting next to your favourite someone.

Over the last decade, the rubber (or plastic) backed picnic rug has become the go-to picnic rug of choice for families and friends all over the world.

However, they've also become the bane of any groundskeeper, gardener and horticulturist who loves their lawns; because the plastic backing prevents the grass from breathing. So, it’s not a huge issue for quiet locations, but it can cause lasting damage to lawns at frequently used picnic areas. So much so, that some public gardens have even taken to banning plastic backed rugs.

So pack one of our Flamingo round towels in your picnic kit. Not only will it ensure that you can picnic anywhere you want - but you'll also be doing the environment a big favour.

Dress Up a Dreary Table


Whether it's a beach barbecue, a park picnic, or a campsite dinner; Australians love getting together around an outdoor table and laughing over a glass of wine.

Now, while public tables and benches are a fantastic place to catch up; the Australian sun can leave these tables looking a little sad; and the words carved into them may not be suitable for everyone to read.

So before you set out your nibbles and open a bottle of Australian wine; lay out your round towel to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise drab (or potentially rude) table.

No matter how or where you use our fluffy, Flamingo Sparkling Moscato, round towel; you're bound to find your own, unique way of using it.

Even if you already have a favourite towel, we recommend keeping a few spares (along with a spare cossie or two) in the back of your car. That way, no matter where you end up; if the water looks welcoming - then you can dive right in!

So head over here to buy yours before they sell out.

Roberta Marchesini