Five Australian Wines for Your Australia Day

Happy New Year, Everyone!

While our friends north of the equator shiver their way through the coldest part of the year, down here in Australia, we lather ourselves with sunscreen and make the most of the sun!

Sure, we love to get together, drink Australian wine and laugh over a barbecue most days of the year; but never more than on the 26th of January - Australia Day.

So whether you're celebrating under the Australian sun, or raising a glass from the colder parts of the globe; here are our food and wine pairing tips, to help you throw the perfect Australia Day barbecue!

A Great Aussie Pie Needs a Great Aussie Red


Whether you slave away, crafting your pastry from scratch, or defrost and serve some gourmet wonders from your local grocery store; we recommend a hearty, Australian Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with your chunky steak pie.

Just remember that, as Australia Day tends to be a sunny day, you may need to slightly chill your Shiraz - as room temperatures can rise above 30 degrees! So keep your wines somewhere nice and cold, until they're ready to enjoy.

Flame-cooked Snags and Oak-Matured Chardonnay


When planning your barbecue, it can be tempting to opt for any old sausage.

However, when it comes to feeding your favourite friends; we suggest that you stick with the classics: the tried and tested trio of pork, white wine and fennel. Ask just about any butcher, and they'll agree; these flavours simply belong together.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to pair these pork sausages with a full chardonnay, like this crisp crowd pleaser. 

A Chilled White for Chilled Prawns


Fill a large finger bowl with iced water and lemon slices; because it's time to peel some prawns!

While some may argue the benefits of various sauces, there are few things that go better with fresh prawns than a squeeze of lemon - and a glass of cold Sauvignon Blanc.

Local Wines for Local Meats


Okay, this is still somewhat of a delicate subject in some circles, but yes - plenty of Australians do enjoy kangaroo meat. Not only is kangaroo meat full of flavour, antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic acids; but as kangaroos require much less food, water or grazing lands than cattle; kangaroo meat is also much better for our environment.

If you're not quite ready to sample a kangaroo steak, a kangaroo burger is a great way to get started, and plenty of recipes can be found online

The big flavours of the kangaroo meat can be a little complex when paired with a bold wine. So opt for something softer like an Australian Merlot. You'll find that even if your barbecue guests aren't fans of kangaroo meat; at least everyone will agree on the wine.

If in Doubt: Add Bubbles!

FLamingo .jpg

Australia Day is a celebration of all things Australian; and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of sparkling Australian Wine

If you want to serve your guests something slightly more exciting than the standard flute; then offer a few of our Flamingo Moscato Cocktails on arrival!

Whether it's raising a glass to the nation, toasting lifelong friends, or just celebrating the stunning weather; just remember to drink responsibly, enjoy your wines - and (most importantly) enjoy yourself! 

Roberta Marchesini