The World’s Loveliest Libraries

While we’re still packing away the arts and crafts box, after this year’s book week, we got to thinking: what would our dream library look like?

Well, after a big trip down the rabbit hole, we’ve discovered some of the most beautiful places in the world to curl up with a good book, and a glass of Australian wine.

Sadly, most libraries don’t come with a wine list (or even allow wine at all); but, hey - nobody’s perfect.

Biblioteque, Sainte Genevieve, Paris

Bibliothèque, Sainte Genevieve, Paris.jpg
The Rococo Library, Palacio Mafra, Portugal.jpg

Hidden at the back of the second floor of this fairy tale palace, lies one of the world’s truly glorious libraries.

Home to the world’s first encyclopaedia, and looking more like a magnificent church than any of our modern libraries, we can easily imagine hiding away in one of the airy alcoves with an old book and an aged wine. Sadly, however, as some of the books date back to the 14th century – I don’t think they’ll let us read them with a glass in hand.The George Peabody Library, Baltimore, U.S.A

The George Peabody Library, Baltimore, U.S.A

The George Peabody Library, Baltimore, U.S.A.jpg

For serious book worms hoping to tie the knot in a fairy tale library, look no further than the George Peabody Library.

Named for a wealthy philanthropist of the same name, The George Peabody Library was a gift to the residents of Baltimore for their hospitality; and it’s that very hospitality that has helped this library become the premier wedding venue in Baltimore.

Even getting married in a library isn’t your thing; this could be your best chance to glam-up and enjoy a glass of wine in one of the world’s great libraries.  

Admont Abbey, Austria

Admont Abbey, Austria.jpg

The library hall in Admont Abbey was built in 1776, and it has to be seen to be believed.

With its golden features, marble floors, fresco ceilings and thousands of books bound in white (just to keep with the overall design); you can’t help but feel as though more than a few Disney artists have found their way through Admont at some stage.  

Diane Keaton’s Library, Beverly Hills, U.S.A

4) Diane Keaton’s Library, Beverly Hills, U.S.A.jpg

Okay, so we’re probably not going to get an invite anytime soon, and we’re probably not going to be able to afford to live in Beverly Hills either. However, Diane Keaton’s cosy library is proof that it doesn’t take a whole lot to create your own library at home.

A few simple shelves, a comfy chair, your favourite books and your favourite wines – that’s all you need. So go on. What are you waiting for?Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and create your own dream library anywhere you want.



Roberta Marchesini