Highlights from London Fashion Week

Unlike it’s monochromatic Melbourne sibling, or it’s uptight New York parent; London Fashion week has always played host to the more relaxed and zanier sides of the fashion world. So, as they round-out their Summer, and we head into ours; here are some of the top looks to keep an eye out for from this London Fashion Week.

Bold Prints

Bold Prints  .jpg

While embroidery ran amok last season, appearing on every kind of jacket known to humankind, it was previously limited to the torso. However, this London Fashion Week saw the return of loud pants, skirts, dresses and even boots.

Back here in Australia, our coastal lifestyle is perfectly suited to fun prints, just make sure that you pair it with a bottle of something fun to match.

Check Please!

Check Please!.jpg

Burberry is back, baby! Well… they never left, but their chequered prints have been missing from runways these past few years. Scuttlebutt suggests that it was due to the check becoming associated with Chav culture, but the more relaxed vibe of this year’s London Fashion Week saw the return of their famous brown check.



Yes, you can hear the cheers from our Victorian friends – monochrome is making a big comeback. Not just on the catwalks (in shows such as Armani’s), but also on the streets surrounding the fashion shows, where Londoners seemed to display a constant parade of black and white.

If you are going to go black and white, take a leaf from this girl’s book, and pair your look with something pink – Flamingo, even.

Tailored Shorts

Tailored Shorts .jpg

While the rest of London Fashion Week seemed centred around a more relaxed look for 2017/2018, many of the men’s fashion houses (such as Dunhill and Oliver Spencer) brought back a return to structured tailoring – paired with shorts. This is great news for Australian men as we head into the hottest part of the year.

Street Wear

Street Wear .jpg

From the constantly growing trend of ‘Athleti-wear’ to 90’s-inspired hip-hop looks, street-wear was everywhere at this year’s London Fashion Week. Some took it to extremes, with brand-name emblazoned everything (we’re looking at you, Tommy Hilfiger), but others managed to tone it down to something slightly more structured – such as in the example above.

Either way, if you’re looking for a drink that pairs perfectly with street fashions and runway style; look no further than our Flamingo Sparkling Moscato. Whether you’re sitting between A-List celebs or partying with friends at the after-party; it pairs perfectly with any celebration.

Roberta Marchesini