6 Bottle Shops to Explore in Sydney

There are thousands of bottle shops in New South Wales, and a quick Google shows that Sydney has no shortage either. In fact, if you place a red dot for every bottle shop on a map of the city, it begins to look as though Sydney has measles.

So, to make things easier for you, here are some of our favourite bottle shops all over Sydney (and yes, they all stock our favourite Australian wines).

Sutherland Shire: BottleO’Briens

Run by husband and wife team, Paul and Kate O’Brien, BottleO’Briens has been a Cronulla institution for over a decade. It’s a fiercely independent store, and their stock reflects their dedication towards supporting Australian wines and beers.

If you’re exploring Cronulla, we suggest visiting Paul and Kate and picking up a crisp, Australian Sauvignon Blanc. Then, head to the Southern end of Cronulla Beach to grab some of Sydney’s best fish and chips, from South Beach Seafoods.

Wines stocked: Impressionist Range & It’s Pronounced Mudgee

Very few people outside of Collaroy Plateau would know about August Cellars, but that’s their loss. For one, this perfectly packed liquor store has some of the best Australian Wines you can find; and secondly, if you’ve never seen the view from Collaroy Plateau, make plans to remedy that soon.

Wines available: Impressionist Range

Some people would argue that Darlinghurst Fine Wines is actually in Surry Hills, but we would argue that those people would be wasting precious time that could be better spent perusing the eclectic selection at Darlinghurst Fine Wines. Whether you’re heading to a trendy party at an inner-city terrace or any of the nearby B.Y.O restaurants, make sure you talk to the staff at Darlinghurst Fine Wines first.

Wines available: Impressionist Range, It’s Pronounced Mudgee & Flamingo

It was once an industrial area filled with factories, but Chippendale is now Sydney’s centre of creativity. Chippendale now has some of Sydney’s best restaurants, hair salons, and wines. So if you haven’t treated yourself to a stroll through Kensington Street’s Spice Alley, then fix that as soon as you can. However, before you treat yourself to some fresh, Asian cuisine; pick up a bottle of Australian Riesling from Chippendale Cellars.

Wines available: Impressionist Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Artiste Viognier and Riesling

Not only is Minsky’s home to their famous piano bar (you’re not a real Sydney-sider if you haven’t sung along to Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ there at least once), but Minksy’s also boasts one of Northern Sydney’s best bottles shops. So if you’re on your way to a nearby backyard barbeque, just make sure that you grab an Australian Pinot first.

Wines available: Impressionist Range and It’s Pronounced Mudgee Range

There has been a pub on the site of The Bull and Bush since the early 1800’s! So, as you can imagine, the team here know what the locals like. As The Hills District has become synonymous with craft brewing, expect to find plenty of locally crafted beers and perfectly balanced Australian wines.

Wines available: Impressionist Range

Roberta Marchesini