Warm Destinations for Cold Months

For some of us, winter is a fantastic chance to rug up by the fire with a big glass of bold, Australian wine. For others, however, winter sounds the alarm to flee the Southern half of Australia, and make plans for a tropical adventure!

Whether you’re planning your next trip, or just daydreaming of warmer times, here are some of our favourite places in Australia to escape the cold during winter.


Port Douglas

Port Douglas is just about as far North as you can go without a four-wheeled-drive and a good map, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

While the southern cities of Australia shiver in the cold, Port Douglas stays above a tropical 20 degrees all winter.

Thing to do in Port Douglas are: boat tours, nature and wildlife tours, four miles beach, safari, snorkelling & scuba drive, wine tasting and Sunday market.

There are hospitality options ranging from hostels and campgrounds, to five stars, luxury resorts and spas. So, no matter how you prefer to warm up, Port Douglas has you covered.


Ayers Rock Resort

While temperatures at Ayers Rock can be a little intimidating in the warmer months of the year, winter is a perfect time to explore all the grandeur, culture and history that Uluru has to offer.

On top of being one of the world’s natural treasures, Uluru is also currently home to Bruce Munro’s acclaimed light installation “Field of Light” which features over 50,000 hand-placed bulbs, which magically light up the fields surrounding Uluru every evening.  


The Kimberley


Kimberly is located on the northern-most part of Western Australia and is one of the world’s largest wilderness areas, it’s hard to define the best attraction the Kimberley has to offer. From stunning watering holes to majestic canyons and forests, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

For the foodies, the area is renowned for its fresh seafood. So make sure that you pack a few bottles of your favourite white wine. 


Orpheus Island


If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up on your own, tropical island, then this is your chance to make those dreams come true.

Rising up from the Great Barrier Reef, Orpheus is available for private hire, for you and 27 of your closest friends and family.

As a drink pairing, we suggest a few eskies filled with Flamingo Moscato. It’s the perfect accompaniment to good times in the sun. 


Dive with Whale Sharks

While most tourist attractions in Australia consider this time of year to be off-peak; it’s the busiest time of year around the Ningaloo Reef, as hundreds of keen divers flock to Exmouth (in Northern W.A) to dive with the biggest fish in the world: The Whale Shark.

Reaching nearly 20 meters long, and weighing just as many tonnes, these gentle giants visit Ningaloo Reef on their way North to feed. They swim close to the surface, so you don’t need a diving license – just a sense of adventure! 



Roberta Marchesini