Be The Host with The Most

The countdown is on, the cheese platters have been ordered (with matching Australian wines), the favourites have been chosen and so have the frocks – it’s time to stop-down and celebrate for the 2017 Emirates Melbourne Cup.

If you’re yet to get your outfit sorted, then flick over to our post about some of this year’s fashions on the field

The excitement and grandeur of the Melbourne Cup make it one of the most fashionable events of the year, both in the Birdcage – and in pubs, offices and restaurants around the nation.

However, if you were too late to book your tickets, can’t get the time off, or prefer to party from the comfort of your own home; then here are a few tips to host the perfect Melbourne Cup party at your place.

The Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes .jpg

While the expert punters have been researching their horses and jockeys for weeks, the rest of us can get in on the fun with a simple sweepstakes.

As the host, you should be in charge of running the sweepstakes. You can print out the run sheet early, but as horses and jockeys get scratched closer to the event, you’re better off grabbing the paper on Tuesday morning.  

To keep it fun and affordable, we suggest a gold coin for each horse; with the winning split being 60% to the winner, then 30% for second place, and 10% for fourth place.

The Food

The Food 2.jpg

If you’re hosting a party at your office, then this would be a good time to remind your head of finance that internal events don’t usually attract fringe benefits tax.

However, if you are organising everything yourself, just remember these words: simplicity – and sustenance. You want to make sure that whatever food you provide adds to the occasion, but also ensures that no one sips on an empty stomach.

So opt for things like these cucumber sandwiches. They’re perfect for the occasion, and they won’t break the bank.

The Fashion

Separate from the Crowd .jpg

Whether you’re hosting your party in the office, or at home, there’s no reason why the dress code should be drab.

Keep things fun with a prize for best headwear. This allows both men and women to enter, and it doesn’t discriminate against any guests who would feel uncomfortable going all-out.

If you’re looking for the perfect prize to hand out, then our Artiste and Masterpiece wines make for top-notch trophies.

The Drinks

Flamingo  copy.jpg

Sparkling Australian wine is definitely the drink of choice for the Melbourne Cup. However, let your event stand out from the crowd with our Flamingo Sparkling Moscato. It’s refreshing and light-enough to appease most drinkers – even if they’re not usually a fan of all things bubbly.

You can buy our Flamingo Sparkling Moscato online here , or Sydneysiders can now also enjoy it at Mosman Rowers Club and Hotel Steyne in Manly.

It’s worth remembering that if you’re hosting an office party, check your company alcohol policy with your HR department before you order or offer any drinks.

Most importantly, however, is to gamble and drink responsibly – and have fun!

Roberta Marchesini