Exploring Sculptures in the Vineyards

Lovers of art and Australian wines alike, should hop in the car this weekend and make their way to Sculptures in the Vineyard.

Think of it like ‘Sculptures by the Sea,’ only – with much more Australian wine.

This is your last weekend to take it all in, so to make it easy for you to make the best of it, here are our favourite sculptures from this year’s festival – along with our favourite places to eat and drink while you’re there.

What to See

Our Favourite Sculptures


It’s hard to distil our favourite sculptures down to just one this year, but after a heated discussion in the car ride home, we decided that it was a split between Rearing Horse, by Tobias Bennett; and Tourism, by Ebony Secombe.

Whereas Rearing Horse wows you with its technical form and setting, Tourism was so unique in the way it caught the wind and played with its natural surroundings.

Where to Eat

Settlers Kitchen, Mulla Villa

Image 2.jpg

While Mulla Villa is well known for their accommodation, their kitchen is arguably the best in Wollombi.

Set inside a historic, 1830s homestead, with smoke charred fireplace and stunning views of the surrounding valley; Mulla Villa offers an intrinsically Australian experience for any travelling foodies.

Although, with their stunning wine list and generous servings; we suggest booking a room to sleep off your meal.

They have stunning rooms available, or riverside camping options for those of you who prefer a little adventure

Myrtle House

Image 3.jpg

Situated just off the main road, in what appears to be a private residence; the first real sign that you’re entering a restaurant is the food wafting down the street.

Myrtle House is more ‘quaint café’ than ‘fancy restaurant,’ but don’t let their looks deceive you; as the food here is farm fresh and absolutely exquisite.

Great Northern Trading Post

Image 4.jpg

If you blink at the right time on your drive into Wollombi town, you may miss this cute café on the outskirts of town.

Originally built in 1870 as a fuel station and general store, the owners added a café to the pump house a few years back, and it has since become an eclectic meeting place for lovers of food, wine, and live music.

They’re also the only place to get fuel in Wollombi Valley; so make sure you stop in to re-fuel.

Picnic by Wollombi Brook

Image 5.jpg

With so much to offer around town, it can be hard to pick just one restaurant or café to explore.

However, with the weather now nearly perfect, and the streams around Wollombi still running from the recent rain; you’d be hard-pressed to find a prettier spot to stop, than the banks of Wollombi brook.

So if you’re heading into Wollombi from Sydney, then keep an eye out for a car park just before the town tavern.

Then meander down to the bank, throw down your blanket, put out some dips and cold cuts, and pour a glass of your favourite Australian wine. 

Roberta Marchesini