Taste of Melbourne

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Whether you head there for the music, the food, or the abundant Australian wine; Taste of Melbourne Festival is a must-do for anyone serious about all things taste. So take out your diary app, and mark yourself busy from the 29th of November, until the 3rd of December; because there’s a lot to take in this year.

This year marks the tenth Taste of Melbourne Festival, and we’ll be there to help celebrate, and to show off some of our favourite wines.

As we’re exhibiting, we’ve managed to get the inside goss on some of the best stalls, chefs and events; so here are our top picks from this year’s Taste of Melbourne Festival.

Opening Night

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From free-flowing food, beer and Australian wines; to live music, exhibitions and plenty of fashion; this year’s opening night is sure to be a doozy, as we celebrate the tenth birthday or Taste of Melbourne.

Keep an eye out for custom-created cuisine from George Calombaris’ restaurant, Gazi, and be on the lookout for sweet treats from Glace executive chef, Christy Tania.

Most importantly, don’t overdo it on anything – there’s going to be a lot on offer, and you won’t want to miss out.


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Hosier Lane’s infamous restaurant are back again for this year’s festival, bringing their unique style with Spanish tapas and fresh produce.

Movida is an absolute Melbourne institution, and while it isn’t always to get a table; Taste of Melbourne is a fantastic chance to sample some of the scrumptious items from their award-winning menu. 

Blend Your Own Gin

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If you’re a fan of blended botanicals - or anything that pairs perfectly with lemon and tonic - then book yourself in for a gin blending master class with Archie Rose.

Down in Melbourne for the latter half of the festival, Sydney spirit stars, Archie Rose, will be bringing their team to help you craft your perfect gin; which will then be packaged up and sent to you from their Sydney distillery.  

The Pie Shop

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With so many members of Melbourne’s gastronomical royalty in attendance, it may seem curious that a humble pie shop can still command a presence at Taste of Melbourne.

However, The Pie Shop is anything but humble.

Their sweet and savoury pies are equally mouth-watering, but our tip is definitely the cauliflower and cheese (which would pair perfectly with big reds and oaky whites alike); or their sweet, honey and buttermilk pie – which is definitely worth lining up for

The Collective Wine Company

Image credit: White Runway

Image credit: White Runway

As we mentioned at the start of this article, we’ll be at Taste of Melbourne from the opening night, until the 3rd of December.

We’ll be showcasing some of world-famous Impressionist wines, as well as our made-for-summer Flamingo, Sparkling Moscato.

If you do get the chance to pop by, make sure that you put your name in the draw to win $100 worth of our wine. It’s a great chance to stock up on a few, celebratory bottles before Christmas. So make sure you come by say hello,  and meet the team behind The Collective Wine Company.

Roberta Marchesini