The Best of Volleyfest

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As we’ve covered in a previous post , at The Collective Wine Company, we don’t just make fantastic Australian wine; we also sponsor our local beach volleyball team. It’s one of the many ways we support our local community.

This weekend, our friends at the Coogee Beach Volleyball Association are heading over to Manly for the first weekend of Volleyfest 

The next three weeks will see thousands of volleyball fans pour into Manly, and while the finals are ticketed events; the first weekend is free. So if you’re anywhere in New South Wales, swing by for some fantastic, free live entertainment.

If you don’t manage to get a seat, or you’re looking for something to do between matches, then here are some of our favourite things to do in Manly while you’re there.

The Fast Ferry

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Okay, so they don’t have the majesty and grandeur of the traditional, green and gold Sydney Ferries; and no – they don’t accept Opal Card.

However, as the Fast Ferries are a private company with a current alcohol license, and a list of lovely Australian Wines; don’t miss your chance to cruise about Sydney Harbour with a glass of chilled wine.

After all; you can always catch a regular ferry on the way back home. 

Hotel Steyne

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Looming high over Manly’s world-famous Corso, the Hotel Steyne is a popular haunt for locals and tourists alike.

From it’s historic, rounded Island bar oin the front, to it’s un-beatable rooftop views from the top floor; Hotel Steyne is definitely worth visiting while you’re in Manly.

If you need another reason, Hotel Steyne also started pouring our refreshing Flamingo Moscato – just the thing for a day by the beach

Manly Sealife Sanctuary

Manly Sealife Image 4.jpg

Yes, the interior is a little rough around the edges, and yes, some of the exhibitions could do with a touch-up; but Manly Sealife Sanctuary is about to close down, so this could be your last chance to explore what was once the longest aquarium tunnel in the world!

Keep an eye out for their female ray, which is one of the largest in captivity in the world.

Manly Wharf Hotel

Manly Warf  Image 5.jpg

As soon as you pop off the ferry at Manly, you’re instantly greeted by the hordes of sun-kissed sippers at Manly Wharf Hotel.

Perched right on the edge of Manly Wharf and decorated with an archetypically beach-side theme, Manly Wharf Hotel is everything you could possibly imagine when you think of a beach-side bar.

They have a fantastic selection of Australian wines, but whatever you choose, just make sure that you pair it with a pizza – which they serve until close.

Fish and Chips on the Beach

Fish and Chips Image 6 .jpg

You can’t come to Manly without treating yourself to fish and chips on the beach. There are plenty of great fish and chip shops in Manly, but we recommend Fish Mongers. They serve incredibly fresh fish, and they’re right by the beach.

Fish mongers are off the main drag though, so give them a Google to find their address.

Sadly, most of the beaches in Manly are alcohol-free zones. However, if you are lucky enough to find yourself somewhere you can enjoy a glass of Australian wine, then we suggest either a chilled Sauvignon Blanc or an un-oaked Chardonnay; both pair perfectly with battered fish - and beach-side sunsets.

Roberta Marchesini