Perfect Places to Picnic

This time of year is perfect for two things: chilled Australian wines, and picnics – so it should come as no surprise that these things go together so well!

The sun is out, but it’s yet to reach the violent temperatures of summer, and there’s a magical light that occurs this time of year that simply makes everything look like a Georges Seurat painting.

So if you desire to recreate your own “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” then here are some of our favourite places to picnic.

Bradfield Park, Kirribilli, NSW

Bradfield Park, Kirribilli, NSW .jpg

Hiding beneath the steel framework of the Northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge lies one of Australia’s best picnic spots: Bradfield Park.

With views across the harbour towards the Opera House, Circular Quay and the Eastern Suburbs, Bradfield Park makes you feel as though you’re picnicking in a postcard.

Our tip is to head there via the Kirribilli Deli, which stocks a wonderful array of lunch meats and juicy olives – just the thing for a bold red wine.

Paronella Park, Mena Creek, QLD

Paronella Park, Mena Creek, QLD .jpg

For any Australian looking to picnic in Spanish ruins by a tropical waterfall, you needn’t pack your passport – just head to Paronella Park.

Constructed by José  Paronella in the 1930s, Paronella Park is modelled after José’s childhood memories of Catalan castles, and it was nearly lost to fires and floods until a major refurbishment took place in 2009.

So why not pack a picnic and thrown down a rug by a waterfall, while surrounded by Australia’s only ‘Spanish’ ruins.  

Himeji Garden, Adelaide, SA

Himeji Garden, Adelaide, SA  .jpg

Very few Adelaide locals could tell you who their Japanese sister city is, but after a short stroll around the stunning Himeji Gardens; it suddenly becomes very clear.

This tiny oasis will make you feel miles away from everything, and it’s the perfect place to kick back with a good book, relax, and recharge your zen.  

Tamarama Beach, Tamarama, NSW

Tamarama Beach, Tamarama, NSW.jpg

While most of the tourists eagerly flock towards Bondi, Tamarama offers a little more seclusion for those willing to make to the walk.

The currents can get strong off-shore, but the surroundingparklands and barbecue facilities make for a perfect spot to picnic.

Parking can be a bit of an issue, so we recommend taking public transport or parking in Coogee and walking around the coastline to Tamarama.

Fairfield Boathouse, Fairfield, VIC

Fairfield Boathouse, Fairfield, VIC .jpg

If you’re looking for something a little more Gatsby-esque, then wind around the Yarra River until you get to Fairfield Boathouse.

With a fleet of traditional, English pleasure craft available for hire; and a stunning menu of scones, cakes and wines and offer; you’ll feel like you’ve been transported right into a period drama.

Sadly, it’s not BYO, but we promise – it is worth the trip.

Roberta Marchesini