Cooe, We’re Heading to Coogee!

Coggee Volley.jpg

When it comes to enjoying wine, we always recommend doing so responsibly. After all, too much wine can dampen your ability to taste the subtleties and nuances of our beautifully crafted Australian Wines.

The easiest way to get the most out of all of your next wine is to pair it with food. Not only will this give you an exciting opportunity to mix and match the tastes on your plate with the tastes of your wine, but it also helps to keep your palate fresh, which helps you appreciate the wine even more.

Just about any food can pair perfectly with various wines; but there are very few things that pair so perfectly with this warm weather, than beach volleyball.

Here at The Collective Wine Company, we sponsor our local beach volleyball team. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, and no - there aren’t many beach volleyball teams in the grassy, cool climate regions of Eden Valley and The Barossa. However, here in Sydney, where our head office is, our beaches are the perfect place for such a summertime sport.

This weekend, our friends at the Coogee Beach Volleyball Association will be hosting the first round of this years’ State Championships; with all proceeds proudly going to the Cancer Council.

It’s free to watch, and we’ll be there from 8 AM, cheering on our mates. We’ve also packed some extra special bottles of Australian wine for the winners.

So once the winners have been announced, and the sun has set on a stunning Sydney day; here are three of our favourite places to celebrate in style (and responsibly) in Coogee.

Coogee Pavillion

Coogee Pavillion  copy.jpg

Once known as the rather run down, Royal Hotel, you can’t get much closer to eating on the beach than Coogee Pavillion.

This venue has an incredible array of welcoming bars, which are perfect to celebrate your favourite team’s win. However, the real winner is much more… raw.

Coogee Pavillion’s sushi platter is renowned by locals and travellers alike. We can’t tell you what’s in it, as it changes daily, based on what the chef feels is the best at the market that morning. However, we can tell you that it’s always delicious and that it’s the perfect protein platter to recharge those batteries after a hard day of spiking serves.

The Coogee Bay Hotel

The Coogee Bay Hotel .jpg

Many say that The Coogee Bay Hotel is just as famous as Coogee Beach, but don’t say that too loudly to the locals.

Located only a small serve from the sand, The Coogee Bay Hotel is a holiday wonderland while the sun is up, and a party paradise once it goes down.

You can usually catch a live band out the back, and you’ll meet players (volleyball, that is) by the Beach Bar; but our pick is to sidle up to the brasserie and check out the specials board, as the Coogee Bay’s Head Chef is constantly on the lookout for Sydney’s freshest produce. 

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach .jpg

Sure, it may be an alcohol-free zone, which means no celebrating with a glass of Flamingo Sparkling Moscato; but when the weather gets this warm, it’s hard to pass up the chance to picnic on the sand.

You don’t have to be too organised, just head over to one of Coogee’s many restaurants and choose your favourite takeaway. Whether that’s some scrumptious, fresh Thai food from Sugar Cane or some classic fish and chips from A Fish Called Coogee; very few things beat dinner on the beach.

Whatever you choose, we hope to see you there, and which all the very best for our friends at the Coogee Beach Volleyball Association!

Roberta Marchesini