Everything You Need To Know About Sydney Mardi Gras 2017


The season of Mardi Gras celebration is upon us. This is that time of the year when you don’t want to remain in your house when all the fun and celebrations are going on outside. Mardi Gras is the one event that you are sure to be fully entertained by the culture and celebration. 

Mardi Gras is fun for all as it comes packed with different events and activities for you to choose from. Ranging from a myriad of parties and events to the world famous parade down Oxford Street in Sydney’s CBD. Mardi Gras is the one event you should experience at least once in your life time.

 Mardi Gras Pool Party  

(source: Wimbify)
(source: Wimbify)

Mardi Gras is known for its exotic and beautiful nature. This year, Mardi Gras chooses the most fantastic and luxurious poolside venue to host this amazing party. Mardi Gras will be offering a splash event at the Ivy Pool Club. Ivy Pool Club is an exclusive enclave of extravagance hidden high up in Sydney’s CBD. The gently swaying palm trees, high-end cocktails, private cabanas and poolside DJs makes this place the ultimate summertime party venue.

You will love the intimate and sexy playground, complete with handsome lifeguards and its very own disco. The Changing Rooms have their thumping beats too. You won’t miss a single minute of fun where you are, as you can hear the beats even when under water. This party will take place at the Ivy Pool Club, George Street, Sydney on February 27 from 2 pm to 11 pm. You don’t “wanna” miss out.

Mardi Gras Comedy Festival


Apart from the epic parties, there are other Mardi Gras events that are equally impressive. Mardi Gras comedy festival starting on 27th February to 2nd March brings comedians from all over the world for a week of laughs. This show features top comedians such as Em Rusciano and Bob Downe with the aim of cracking you up all night long. Click here for more information

The Mardi Gras Parades

(Source: Mashable)
(Source: Mashable)

The main event, get ready for The Mardi Gras Parades. Event date: 4 March 2017. This parade is probably the most famous Mardi Gras event in the world. There are various exhibitions on the streets while branded Mardi Gras dragon dance caravan leads the show. You will come across lots of goodies flung from the floats to eager spectators, such as decorated and labeled beads. The hand-decorated shoe is the most sought after item by the spectators. One thing you will love about this parade is that it gives you a chance to dance and scream while taking in all the fun and excitements. You will also love the fact that this parade is a family affair. 

2017 Mardi Gras Party

(Source: Start Observer)
(Source: Start Observer)

The Mardi Gras Party usually takes palce after the parade, and is the party that ends all parties, with more than 12,000 + partygoes from all over the world attending this memorable event. This is the Australia’s biggest party of the year, an experience to be remembered.    

In Sydney love is always in the air. The gay and lesbian Mardi Gras  is one occasion that lets you express your love to the fullest. This occasion allows Sydney to show the beautiful colours of our rainbow community to the world. Mardi Gras celebration is the place to be. This celebration brings out lots of stunning colour in their unique and extravegant costumes while providing a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. 

We wish you a happy Mardi Gras season!