Chinese Food and Wine Pairing


Chinese dishes are often hard to pair with the right wine. Why is this? The reason being is that Chinese dishes are often spicy and very complex in their flavoring. This can make it difficult to find just one wine that is going to bring out the true flavors of the Chinese food. If you were to go into a high-class Chinese restaurant, hey are probably going to have numerous Bordeaux wines on their menu. However, wine experts throughout the world are stating that this wine is simply to heavy to go with these dishes.

Another issue to keep in mind with Chinese dishes is that they often already contain a dash of salt and sugar. Thus, an overly sweet wine can make this dish too sweet to your liking, or it simply cancels out the flavor meant in the dish to begin with.  Therefore, finding a perfect wine to suit every situation is extremely difficult.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. There are a few wines that people are finding suit Chinese food wonderfully!

1.    A Semisweet Riesling


This type of wine is going to pair great with those spicy dishes that are very complex. Dishes like Kungpao Cashew Chicken. This wine was able to balance the sugar, salt and even helped to make the flavor even more intense.

2.    Pinot Noir Rose / Pinot Noir


This wine is going to go great with an-friend pork and even pumpkin dumplings, sweet and sour pork and the like. It seems that the soft floral notes of this win helped to bring out the pork flavor in the dishes. 

3.    Cabernet Sauvignon


These rich and bold red wines are great for dishes that need some richness added to them, which is what on often finds with Chinese food. This type of wine does have a high acidity which helps it age better, but also brings out the full flavor seen in Chinese dishes! 

4.    Sweet Bordeaux


A sweet Bordeaux is a great wine to choose for someone who may not want a bold tasting wine with their meal. These are very mellow in taste and will not interfere with the complexity that accompanies Chinese dishes. Due to its taste and mild flavor, it is a great choice for those who are just beginning in the world of wine and food pairings.

These choices seem to be great options every time you eat Chinese, no matter what type of Chinese dish you are eating. Of course, the decision you make in the end is going to depend upon what type of wine that you really like. However, if you are looking for a wine that is going to compliment Chinese dishes, you cannot go wrong with these two options!