The Year of the Rooster


The Chinese zodiac calendar assigns animals to each year. This year, starting January 28, 2017 until February 15, 2018, is the Year of the Rooster. Per the Rooster, there are certain characteristics that those who are born in one of these Rooster years will showcase


For anyone that was born in the Year of the Rooster, they often contain such characteristics as:

-    Loyal

-    Trustworthy

-    They are blunt when offering opinions, but not out of being mean, but from being honest

-    They expect others around them, to be honest

-    Extremely sociable people

-    Prefer being the center of attention

-    Extremely organised individuals and this can be seen in their personal lives, as well as business lives

-    Hard-working and highly motivated

For those who are born under the Rooster sign, the ideal job for this person includes sales, business owners, public relations, teachers, writers, or even in law enforcement.

There have been several notable stars born in the Year of the Rooster, as each animal cycles every 12 years. Some of these notable stars include:

-    Yoko Ono

-    Neil Young

-    Goldie Hawn

-    Jay-Z

-    Beyonc√©

-    Eric Clapton

-    Dolly Parton

-    Dirk Bogarde

-    Willie Nelson

-    Bette Midler

-    Jayne Mansfield

-    Van Morrison


Those who are Roosters are going to be loved by all those around them. However, they may test the patience of those who are around them at times. The reason being is that these people want to be the center of attention, which can sometimes make the person appear vain or self-centered.

For parents who have children this year, be prepared to raise a child that will be a leader amongst those that they are around, and who will love to seek attention.