What do the humble Australian Merlot and Cinderella have in common? Have you ever thought about how your favourite glass of wine could be personified? And which wine varietal best describes your favourite character? Well we certainly have! And we've put together a list that matches our 10 favourite Disney characters with the 10 most popular wines according to their similar characteristics.

Shiraz Mufasa from The Lion King

The king of Australian wines is the big, bold and gutsy Shiraz. Hailing from the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, this rich, spicy, masculine red takes its place at the top of the chain - just as Mufasa did in The Lion King. The Shiraz is as brave and strong as Mufasa; this full-bodied wine is one of the original and most successful varieties brought to Australia. This wine is best enjoyed with cheese or red meat in front of a roaring fire.


Cabernet Sauvignon – Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Considered a noble red grape variety with a long history in Australia, this classically structured variety is befitting of a gallant prince. Enter Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty; he is easygoing, brave and heroic yet is known for his subtlety. Sound like a wine you know? Can’t you picture yourself sipping a Cab Sav in the castle?


Pinot Noir – Belle from Beauty and the Beast

This variety likes temperate climates and the challenges of growing Pinot Noir make this variety complex, yet endearing. Who is light, sophisticated, delicate and finely balanced? Belle from Beauty and the Beast sips on some red wine that looks distinctly like Pinot Noir, whilst on a date with the beast. Sounds familiar.


Merlot – Cinderella

Cinderella is hard working, down to earth, and strong. She is like a jewel hidden away in the attic waiting to be recognised by the world – a lot like Merlot. Take matters into your own hands; make today the day you get acquainted with this prized gem – there’s a lot to like.


Rosé – Snow White

Snow White is sweet, subtle, kind and caring. Happily cheerful like a Rosé, she has rosy lips and fair skin. Believe us to be a little odd but we think this is just like the blending of a Rosé. Snow White is loyal, steadfast and true, - just like a good bottle of rose on a Friday night.


Sauvignon Blanc – Elsa from Frozen

Best served icy cold; Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp palette. It is one to take to a party because everyone loves it. Icy cold, hmm, that is like Elsa, the snow queen from Frozen. She is sharp, crisp, refreshing, and independent. Moreover, please don’t tell us to “Let it go” because this wine is worth hanging on to.


Riesling – Hercules

Dry, full flavoured and youthful, this wine variety resembles Hercules, who is strong, stern and compassionate. While the myth of Hercules comes to us from the Greeks, the wine itself has German origins that make it strong, heroic and full of bite. This tipple is deceptive – it seems innocuous but just like Hercules, it has hidden strengths that will claim you as a fan. Don’t labour under any misapprehensions brought about by the smooth exterior, this wine has a gutsy heart.


Pinot Grigio – Tarzan

Pinot Grigio is fresh, vibrant, juicy and popular worldwide. It brings to mind Tarzan who is playful, fun and loving. Swinging from tree to tree, he charms our fair lady Jane Porter; just like a Pinot Grigio that will delight your mouth and charm its way into your heart. The lifted aromas are there to tickle your senses – again like that handsome hunk.


Chardonnay – Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Chardonnay is the great evolver; it varies from light bodied and un-oaked to mature, strongly flavoured and bold. Widely grown in Australia, this humble wine resembles Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Not only is she fiercely independent and bold, she is also a dreamer who is capable of adapting from the sea to the land. So too can Chardonnay adapt to suit the changing tastes of wine and it is a great wine to pair with your seafood (but don’t tell Ariel’s friends).


Moscato – Alice from Alice in Wonderland

And finally: a realistic female Disney character. Which lady befits this effervescent, sweet, bubbly, feminine variety who loves to party? Think Alice in Wonderland: a true, fun-loving adventurer, she loves to daydream but is feisty and once she falls into Wonderland she let’s loose. My kind of girl!