It’s probably fair to say that in this age of smart phones and ultra-realistic video games, the humble board game doesn’t perhaps offer the same level of excitement as it did in the past.

Still, we think board games have a certain charm to them, and can be a great way to spend time indoors with friends and family on those occasions where you simply couldn’t be bothered heading out.

A few bottles of your favourite wines thrown into the mix never hurts either, and with the newly released‘Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking’, it would almost be a sin not to!


If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to start up your very own vineyard in a highly competitive market, then this could be just the board game for you. Launched through crowd-funding websiteKickstarter, the game is suitable for between 2 and 6 players and has been met with glowing reviews so far.

Set in a pre-modern Tuscany, we found ‘Viticulture’ to be an instantly immersive experience. The basic aim of the game is to develop your own vineyard and to gain points for completing wine orders, with the ultimate goal of having the most successful winery in the region. Each player starts with a vineyard that includes three fields, a small cellar and a crush pad, as well as three workers. These workers are used to carry out actions throughout the year and the game sees you undertake tasks including planting vines, overseeing harvest and of course; winemaking.


In order to achieve your goals, funds need to be raised and infrastructure such as trellis systems, windmills and tasting rooms built. Funds can be raised through the sale of your finished wines but also through other means such as taking visitors on guided tours of your vineyard.

Gameplay takes place over all 4 seasons, and the competitive element of the game comes through the strategic allocation of limited resources, and determining how best to assign your workers throughout these different seasons of the year.


Though there are challenges to face and difficulties to overcome, you always feel as though you’re moving forward and making meaningful progress in the game, which means momentum is maintained and rarely is there a dull moment.

The overall presentation of the game is impressive too; from the beautiful oil-painting styled illustrations on the cards and game board to the intricate designs of the various playing pieces. ‘Viticulture’ definitely feels like a professionally finished product and not what you might expect from an indie crowd funded project.


The team behind ‘Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking’ obviously know their stuff, and the finer details that have gone into the game highlight a love for wine that we can’t help but admire.

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for a wine loving friend or after something a little different to do of an evening, you can pick up your own copy of the game here for $84 + postage: