After a life-time of dedication in establishing the vineyard, a year of hard-work that went into our latest vintage, and months of preparation,  there’s nothing more exciting and satisfying for us than the launch of a new range of wines… Made from carefully selected parcels of grapes grown at our cool-climate Eden Valley vineyard site, our Artiste range of white wines will soon be ready for your enjoyment.

Crafted by our very own winemaker Simon Gilbert, the Artiste range of wines have been inspired by a proud tradition of winemaking heritage and family traditions passed down from one generation to the next for over a century. These wines pay tribute to the artistic and creative side of winemaking while celebrating the beauty of Australia’s natural environment and the terroir of Eden Valley, South Australia. The 2014 range includes two distinct varieties of Riesling, both a dry and off-dry style, as well as a Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Making the most of warm summer days is about to become a bit easier!

Refined and exceptionally well-balanced on the palate, Artiste wines are sophisticated yet fresh and fruit driven, making them a perfectly suited accompaniment for a wide-range of occasions. To celebrate a successful vintage and the creation of these fine wines, we will be holding a launch event in early December at the sleek and stylish Crane Bar in Sydney’s Potts Point, with Simon in attendance to introduce the wines. Fine food, fine wine and relaxing tunes are what the evening’s all about, and we will be serving a range of delicious canapés chosen specifically to match with these wines.Renowned Executive Chef Taichi Ito will also be filleting a fully-grown deep sea tuna before the eyes of guests, serving up some of the freshest sashimi around to complement these crisp and refreshing wines.


While this is an invite only event, we’re currently planning a number of other exciting events for the future, and we’d love to see you in attendance to sample these and other fine wines. To a great summer and happy drinking!